Back or White

Publicada por Jonas Matos |

Foto por: João de Matos
Máquina: Casio Exilim 3.2
Local: Charneca de Caparica
Programa: Casio Digital Camerca Software
Música: Signs (Snoop Dogg e Justin Timberlake)

Black is black
White is white
And me?
What’s my colour?
I fear
That my colour is a tear
I sit in the corner
I’m sober
Can I argue?
Can I?
I know...
I know...
So, what do I do now?
The ringing of a bell
Is it a spell?
I don’t believe!
Because I’m a child
And the children’s opinion was killed
What’s kids future?
Be an adult...
And do the same thing
And I think...
Don’t tell me lies
It’s wrong democracy
It’s wrong to have an opinion
Why not?
I need and want respect
I have ideas
Where are they?
I shout “It’s a kid Oh! Dear He is cute”
I hate words
I hate sentences
Why not?
I only see the words
On the paper
Never on the world
And where is the world?
Yes! the paper world! ...
I talk to God
He doesn’t answer
Where is He?
I search Where is a church?
I don’t know
I’m child
Where is equality?
I see the world
But the world doesn’t see me
Not yet
Why not?

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Anónimo disse...

Really good poem!
It is written great ;)