the two little birds

Publicada por Jonas Matos |

Foto por: João de Matos
Máquina: Canon Powershot S50 AiAF
Local: Lisboa - Belém
Programa: Casio Digital Camerca Software
Música: Somebody to Love (Nelly Furtado)

I see two little birds.
One is daring.
Other is shy.
Both have good souls.
I imagine why.
They fly in clouds.
Both are sweet.
I feel them playing nexto my feet.
And the wo little birds teach me how underful the time is
They teach me how the sky seems
They show me how stong my mind is
I learn we don't need any teams

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marteko disse...

two sparrows - original models :P

I won't be original and I'll tell you that I enjoy it ;)lol

~I learn we don't need any teams~